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Before I get to the playlist, I have to do a quick review of the live concert I went to last week: Joe Purdy, opened by The Milk Carton Kids.... SO fun! SO incredible! My friend and I were literally FRONT and CENTER. I felt like a total groupie, but well, I guess I sort of am a groupie! Joe Purdy and Milk Carton Kids played together for several songs and it was a total Mumford and Sons vibe -- they rocked (watch this video if you want a taste)! Joe played the song I wanted him to play (Can't Get it Right Today), but didn't play the song Melissa wanted him to play. Well, when he came back for the encore, we were close enough that Melissa literally just asked him to play her song and he said, "Okay." We. Seriously. Flipped! This version of the song doesn't even begin to compare to the song in person. The lyrics as they relate to my friend and so many of the ridiculously hard things she's been through..... sheesh, you guys, we were in tears. It was amazing! He sang right to her, then afterward held his guitar out toward her, as if pointing and saying 'That was for you.' Sigh, it was one of those moments where I had to pinch myself! I was kicking myself that my phone battery was dead so I couldn't record the video. Sniff, well this will have to do....

Some of the stunning lyrics:

you wish things were different
the hand you were given
just don't seem fair
yah you playin' with what you given
and you're doing fine
ya but you try not to think about it
most of the time
you just do what you have to
to make sure you get through
yah but sometimes it hurts

yah well you're still so young
but you feel so old
it's just the things you been through
that are making you cold

listen i can't fight your demons
cause i'd have to fight you
cause there so far inside you
and i just cant seem to get through
it ain't none of my business
it ain't none of my place
yah but i still had to try

oh now i think i've lost you
can't reach you no more
cause you're high as i kite
and i'm down here on the floor
yah i'm begging you to come back
now you cant even hear that
you just floated away

Okay, so now to this week's playlist. Most new-to-me artists were found through Brite Revolution (love - check it out!) and miscellaneous TV show soundtracks, friend recommendations, etc, etc. I hope you enjoy it!

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I've also uploaded some actual mp3's that you can listen to for free HERE. Check out my previous playlists and favorite tunes as well!

Concert this week: William Fitzsimmons! SQUEAL!!!!!

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Jenny said...

You've totally inspired me to get going. For the past few months, I've been so bored with the music on our blogs and have been wanting to change things up -- especially with some of the new stuff I've heard. So, thanks. After Sweatin' for Sammy is done, it's numero uno on my list. :) And, I'm totally goign to find out more about Mr. Joe Purdy. I like him.