We Believe in You

Today was Chloe's dance recital. Here she is with her special needs dance class performing their Beauty and the Beast number ....

And here is the entire dance company....

Chloe's class got one of the only standing ovations out of all 30+ performances. The other standing ovation happened when the dance directors were publicly thanked by Chloe's class for providing their instruction and time for FREE.

I thought about that quite a bit.... How we were at a talent show of sorts, yet the thing that brought people to their feet wasn't about talent at all.... It was about overcoming, believing, loving and serving.

As proud as I was of Chloe today, I was even more proud of Oby. Wow, is he a special dad to have taken Chloe to all of her classes and to be her shadow. I am blessed SO MUCH MORE than I deserve!

I overheard someone talking to Oby about that today, how special it was that he would do this for Chloe. He said, "Well, she smiles when she's at dance class, so anything I can do to make her smile, I'll do it. As long as she keeps smiling when we dance, then we'll keep dancing."

*sigh* See what I mean? He's amazing. I don't think he gets enough credit, but I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him and all he does for Chloe and for me.

I thought even more today about why we take Chloe to dance and we she was performing today... Oby was the one doing every single move for her. But like Oby said, she was smiling.... Oh boy, was she smiling! She truly glistened on that stage!!!

But more than the fact that Chloe likes dancing, the music, and being with friends, I think we do this so she knows she can do anything.... that there are no "can'ts" for her because WE BELIEVE IN HER. Me, Oby, her dance teachers, her grandparents, every person who knows her, all those people who gave that class a standing ovation..... WE believe in her.

on Vimeo.

Look around
The world is at your feet
And isn't it sweet
To know that it's true

Look around
There's nothing you can't do
And if you wanted to
You could reach the stars

Cause we believe
In you

Look inside
At who you are
Who you are to be
Is it far

And if you fall
It won't hurt at all
You stand up tall
Know it in your heart

That we believe
In you

Cause we believe
In you

I hope every single one of those girls feels the support and love of everyone around them, believing in THEM and their BRIGHT futures! They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a special village to raise a special needs child. I'm so grateful for my special village. THANK YOU from a mama with a very full heart!


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You sure know how to make me cry!

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A happy heart cry.

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Oh my STARS those pics are AMAZING. Awesome all around.

Melanie Useldinger said...

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