Head, Shoulders, Knees & Rainbows!

Chloe has been learning the parts of the body, which was initially unknown to me. A couple months ago, we were driving in the car and I was playing some songs I thought Chloe might like. When "One Fine Face" by Ernie came on, I looked back to see if she did like it. What I saw was Chloe pointing to the parts of the face as Ernie sang about them! To say I was beaming with pride and joy would be a dramatic understatement! This continues to be a favorite song around here:

When I realized my little cutie patootie likes pointing to the parts of her body, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to let her show off for me - and often. This is now one of our favorite pastimes. The other day, we were exploring body parts, like her elbows, her belly button, etc. When I asked her where things were, she got them all right, so I kept going. I asked, "Chloe, where's your bum?" She moved her little hand and fingers down toward the bum-bum area. I thought she was going to point, but instead.... she farted. And giggled. Coincidence? I think not. I think this was just another one of those moments when Chloe shows us her adorable personality! 'Hmmm.... I could point OR I could fart! hee hee hee.' I tell ya what, I love my girl!

Utah has been in a seemingly unending state of Sprinter/Sumter (Spring-Winter/Summer-Winter), but for about one week, it's seemed like a real life, full-fledged summer! So Chloe and I went to get a pedicure in honor of flip flop season. When the lady doing our pedicure asked which color I wanted, I pulled out FIVE bottles of nail polish. She didn't speak the greatest English, so I think she thought I misunderstood. She repeated, "No.... which ONE color?"

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy when paid her good money to paint our toenails like this:

Colorful piggies!

Crazy? Maybe so. But those toes make me smile and giggle many times every day. So if looking like a childish num-nutz makes me happy, then so be it! I choose joy!

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The Pachuilo Family said...


Chloe is so dang cute! I think her farting was just too funny, what a stinker. (Hehe)

And I love yours and Chloe's toes. I just love that you both match. Such a fun Mother daughter thing.