Arts Festival

Chloe and I had a fantastic time at the arts festival!

I loved the yarn bombing, the record art and the acoustic stick performance. It was also fun to see the Forked Up Art guy because he donated one of his pieces for us to sell at an auction for the playground last year. (awww!)

Chloe loved everything in the urban art area.... the music, the people (boy was she flirting with the boys!), the lucky crystals, the grafitti art! I love when Chloe expresses her likes and dislikes, it's so fun to know that she has opinions and is passionate about life....

After parousing all the areas and booths, we (tried) to leave. But the elevator to where we were parked was broken and um, there was no way I was going to trust complete strangers to take Chloe in her chair down the steep stairs. So we opted to wait in the garden area for the maintenace guy to fix the elevator. This was a fun little detour!

Ultimately, the maintenace guy was taking too long and we had places to be, so I did trust the guys to take Chloe's CHAIR down those steep stairs. I carried HER. Safety first, folks!!! ;)

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Erin said...

So glad you made it down safely! So good to see you, and thank you for the lovely birthday rememberances. I love Chloe. She makes my heart happy.