High Five For My Obi-Wan

In honor of today's five-year wedding anniversary, we are accepting virtual high fives!

I planned to write something about how Oby and I met for today's post. It was going to be adorable, quirky and fun, filled with lots of inside jokes and sweet memories. Ours is such a silly and charming love story ~ it's my favorite one, in fact.

I started and stopped writing the story a couple dozen times this week, but I've decided that, for now, the story belongs in the sacred places in my heart where only I can go. Yes, I'm selfish like that.

Just know that Oby truly and without question came into my life at the exact right time and was the perfectly imperfect person who I instantly knew was an ideal match for me. I knew I could and would always love, trust, and adore him. And he has always let me know that I am the only one for him as well. He tells me every day both in word and action.

I love my "Oby-Wan."

Here is a video I put together. This was something I thought I was doing for Oby, but it ended up to be a gift for myself. To dig back through pictures and relive some pretty special moments made me feel some of those same feelings. One of the most prevalent feelings I remember when I was dating and decided to marry Oby was peace. Even the day of our wedding, I remember so vividly being worried that I wasn't excited enough. Don't get me wrong, I was blissful! I was SO thrilled! But the overriding emotion was peace. I knew, unquestionably, that I was making the right decision to marry this man. And if I could go back today, I would still choose him.

Five Years from Tara Bennett on Vimeo.

I Do by Colbie Caillat
Better Together by Jack Johnson
Let it be Me by Rosie Thomas

Many of my friends tell me I don't deserve Oby... everyone who knows the pair of us knows that he is the good one. He lives these words of wisdom, and I just try to be as good as him....

Marriage is not a noun;
it's a verb.
It isn't something you get.
It's something you do.
It's the way you love your partner
every day.

~Barbara de Angelis

I just had to throw in this picture because it's cute.....

Happy Anniversary, my sweet friend! I love you! I love us!


Jennifer Brailsford said...

Tara, It was so fun to see your wedding pictures and to see Chloe as a baby. Thanks for letting us (the readers) see what your life has been like in the last 5 years, even though some of us are far away.

April said...

HAPPY anniversary to a MOST MARVELOUS couple!!!