A Day at the Park

Chloe loves going to the park and being with people. So Tonio's birthday party, at the park with her cousins, made for a fun evening for little miss!

Tonio and Chloe are such sweet cousins:

Tonio was such a little guy when I married into the family. It's so strange to think he's becoming a nice young man. His favorite part of the party was playing football with the boys:

Every once in awhile as a parent with a child with limited mobility and special needs, little moments of grief sneak up when you least expect it. Like when I was having a delightful time at this family party, then looked over to see Chloe's cousins playing on the playground while Chloe sat on the sidelines. If I ever forget why I started the playground project, I need only look at this picture and remember the feelings I felt right then:

Happy Birthday, Tonio!
We love ya!


Kristina said...

Wow, this one tugs at my heartstrings because I get that grief creeping up on me the most when we are at functions with more than a couple of kids and they can all go off and do stuff and leave Emma behind or me or Chris take Emma along with all the kids so she can be included and you just know she wonders why she has to have a parent sidekick and the other kids don't! The photos you took are amazing and it looks like it was a lovely day!

I had the girls to the orchard today and there are lots of play structures there. Emma loves slides, so I find myself taking her up to all the slides and going down them with her. Even at the all ability playgrounds around here she needs lots of help to do the slides and so I gladly take her down over and over again and hope my back doesn't hurt terribly that night. I always find myself worrying about what will happen as she gets bigger and bigger and too big for me to put her down the slides. Wouldn't it be nice if they made slides for wheelchairs!!??? Not sure if they do....but a good idea,actually! If they do, seriously consider it in Chloe's Sunshine Playground :-)

jocalyn said...

i haven't stopped by in a while...so, sorry about your accident. hope you're neck is better. i am super envious of all your concerts, how fun! and finally, your pictures are amazing! i love your perspective and chloe looks great!! you've inspired me to get kendall some necklaces! take care :)