Here Ya Go!

I've received 5 emails from people who follow this blog telling me to get to work and post some pictures of Chloe, for heaven's sake! I'm going to do that, but let me explain myself first! We've been having a wonderful summer, and taking lots of pictures, but our computer is having some issues and does not recognize our SD drive, so it's a major ordeal (well, not a MAJOR ordeal, but a slightly annoying task) to borrow another computer to transfer the photos to a disk drive and get them to our computer. I know, I know.... not that big of a deal, but when there's so much else to do, it really does seem like a big deal.

Okay, so here ya go - some pictures I downloaded from my camera. Not the greatest quality, but beggars can't be choosers! ;o)

Chloe is all about the nose-pickin' good times lately. Cracks me up! Here she is when she just woke up in the morning, just pickin' away! lol

Mirror Lake by the cabin with my parents:

Oby is coaching football at West High this year, just helping with stats and plays on Friday nights. His brother does it too, they get free football gear and then they "have" to go to the games every week, so it's a pretty good gig for them! Plus, there's good father-son bonding as well:

One day there were circumstances that meant Chloe had to come spend a couple hours with me at work. It was NOT a problem at all, she was a hard worker! Speaking of work, I'm starting NEW (and better) job next week. I'm so excited to be moving on to greener pastures!

I've been hanging out a lot with my concert-going soul sistah, Melissa. We are bordering on inseparable. We went to Adele last week. Next week we've got Willie Nelson on the docket -- cannot wait! Here we are on her birthday. I really do have a nose, people, but my phone camera somehow didn't pick it up! haha

Last - and least favorite - I was rear-ended this week. Not too big of a deal, no one was injured and the other driver has insurance. He really did slam me pretty hard, though, and don't lose respect for me, but I think I have whiplash! I never have back/neck pain and seldom get headaches, but all are stopping by a lot this week. I've got an appointment with a physiatrist next week, but I hope everything just resolves before then.

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