This is Halloween

This is Halloween
Everybody make a scream

I don't know if that's how the lyrics go to the song from Nightmare Before Christmas, but that's how my niece and I sing them, so just go with it, ok? ;)

I'm TIRED. Chloe hasn't been sleeping (we think weather changes cause seizure activity) and I've been fighting a serious infection from an abscessed tooth (I'll spare the details, but UGH). We are in survival mode around here, but with teamwork between Oby and I, and help from our parents, we've been making it and have even managed to squeeze in some Halloween-style fun! Here are pictures, unedited and in absolutely no particular order, I'm too lazy for that today!

Chloe as a cute little Butterfly Fairy :)

A legacy of Gayle's

Bonnie Gayle (my mom), Liberty Gayle (Penny's granddaughter), Penny Gayle (my mom's niece/my cousin), & Chloe Gayle (need we say more?)

Beautiful name. Beautiful women.

Chloe with her 2nd cousins on my side of the family. We don't see them nearly enough, but absence does not make Chloe love them less -- she adores them!!!

The girls love any excuse to play dress up! SO CUTE!!!

It's hard to tell how scary this yard was in the picture
The guy they're standing by is holding a headless, bloody DOLL
Chloe and Izz were a little freaked, but giggled after! :)

Chloe had a ghost outfit to wear trick-or-treating. I guess you can see how that panned out.

Chloe's kitty pumpkin :)

Nana's friendly greeter ;)

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Erin said...

I have been thinking about you and my mom has too. :) I hope you are getting more sleep this week and moving back into "living and loving it" mode. Love to you.