Nana's Boonanza

I was SO sad to miss this year's party! I had an absessed tooth extracted the day before and was still super duper nauseaous. I was scared to leave Oby in charge of picture taking (not because he doesn't do a good job, but because he doesn't take as many pictures as I do). He captured quite a few, though. Normally I would have my way with them in Photoshop before posting them on the blog, but tonight I'm too tired, so here they are, in all their raw glory....

Chloe as a kitty
This is her 1st of 3 Halloween costumes this year :)

Nana and Papa as zombies! Eewww!

Spider Ice! Eewww!

Christopher, Ashle, Kylee & Sissy

Kitty & Puppy :)

Alien & Kitty

Yes, Oby's costume was thrown together at the last minute!

Chloe thought Papa's zombie get-up was hysterical!

The Taylor's

The Bennett Bunch

For those of you who missed the party this year because you choose to live in another state (you know who you are)... Try to make it next year, would ya? I promise to come even if I'm sick! ;)


Anonymous said...

I wish to be even half the Mum you are - You are amazing. Chloe is a v.lucky girl!

Gangwer said...

Clavin looks like Ashey Roller. haha