Last week little miss had a routine Brain MRI under sedation, just to follow up on the brain MRI's from the past to make sure nothing is changed. Chloe giggled -- laughed hystericaly -- when the started her IV. The nurse said in 28 years she has never had that happen! Leave it to Chloe to set a record for smiling and laughing :)

Little Miss Giggle McGoo
She went back for her MRI, everything went fine and they brought her to me in the recovery room. I scanned her over and just took in some of the details....

Chloe Gayle Bennett

She got a little Bambi for being so brave when they placed the IV

Sweet little hands

My precious child


Celine said...

Can she get even more beautiful ? <3

Colleen Burgess said...

That last picture is just precious! She is so adorable. Hope you get good results from the MRI.

Jennifer Brailsford said...

She is so beautiful and so brave.

Nana said...

I have been catching up. I love all of your pictures in all of these posts!!!!

ButterflyEffect said...

What a sweetheart! You take such amazing photos of Chloe. I have been catching up on your blog and love reading about your adventures with Chloe!!
My Sophie also laughs with pain, like if she is pulling her hair by accident, or her arm is caught under her, with iv's etc. For us it is a way she communicates with us and we are thankful for it for sure! We have to let new caregivers know or they don't know to look for something that is causing her uncomfortableness.