Montana Weekend

We went to Montana a couple weeks ago to see my brother's fam. It was Katrina and Izabella's birthdays and sweet baby Porter got blessed. Oh, we could have all just snuggled him the ENTIRE weekend and been perfectly happy!....

Uncle Oby loves Porter <3

Papa and Porter

It's been fun having somewhere to visit in Montana for the last few years since they got married. But on this trip, I think I decided I want them to move to Hawaii. I need somewhere WARM to visit for a change! ;)

Seriously! Look at ALL THIS SNOW!!!....

Travis & Katrina's house in West Yellowstone

SNOW SNOW SNOW in West Yellowstone!

Good thing they gave us a room at their hotel, The Hibernation Station. Pretty much the coolest place to stay EVER (except for that place in Hawaii I keep dreaming about ;)

Chloe and Daddy ~ comfiest beds EVER!
Papa and Chloe in our cabin

The best part of our getaway was just being together with the kids. I simply do not see them enough! Chloe and the girls had a blast having tea parties, acting out their favorite princess stories, doing nails, dressing up, and having Uncle Oby tickle them. Silly girls!....
Aspen with her nails done :)

Izabella showing Grammy her new jewelry
Wyatt and Jake are both learning to play the guitar, which is a dream come true for Papa! He can't wait to pass on all his tricks ;)
Chloe with Uncle Travis and Aunt Katrina. Don't let her face fool you, she loves them to pieces!
The main reason for our trip was to see little Porter blessed. He looked so sweet and handsome in his little tux. There is just nothing better than a sweet new baby!!!
<3 Porter <3

 They carved a path so we could get in to the church to see the blessing.


Boy did I get in trouble for making the family pose for pictures afterward. Everyone was ready to get home and eat. I think it was worth it, though, so I could snag these cherished pix!....
The Mann family

Cute girls, Izabella and Aspen!
The Mann men ;)

Grammy, Papa and their grandkids


Celine said...

Awwww lovely pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast !

Jennie said...

What a fun trip. That snow is amazing. When I saw MT I thought you may mention a stop to "Dr. Dan". :) So glad you told me about him. I think we'll plan a little road trip and take the family to see him. What fun.