Life is just wooshing by so fast!

But every once in awhile, we stop.

....and soak it all in.

Like Easter weekend.

Chloe was extra excited this year for the Easter bunny to hop on by with goodies just for her! 

Look at the twinkle in her eyes!

It wasn't just about the Easter bunny, though.

On Easter Sunday, angels were ALL around Chloe.

She was just chatting away with all her visitors.

There could never be a better reminder of the true meaning of Easter
than having this precious soul communicating with those who have passed on.

There are reasons this girl cannot speak.

She keeps secrets.

And those secrets are why she smiles such a magic smile!

She knows things.


I love this picture, it's a little Easter "hello!"

And this pic shows Chloe's "excited" face....

She brings her arms up, lifts her tounge up, and rolls her eyes up.

Oh I just love every square inch of her!

Easter was appropriately filled with cousin time and an Easter egg hunt!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

And to all our friends and loved ones who have lost special loved ones or are missing someone in their hearts (oh, there are far too many), please know how real the hope of Easter is. If you ever forget, come spend some time with Chloe and watch her communicate with those special souls. It is pure magic.


Kristina said...

LOVE the Easter "hello" photo!

So glad you are having lots of fun!

Celine said...

I love, love Chloe's smile. Nothing new huh ? lol

Such a bundle of joy !

ButterflyEffect said...

What gorgeous photos! She is so adorable and has a contagious smile :)

Marcy said...

She has a beautiful soul and energy! Love the pictures! And so glad to see you have a dog. Our boys would LOVE one too, but I am not ready to take that on yet. Maybe someday...