Sunshine Girl

As I explained in Chloe's first birthday post, she is my sunshine in Holland. Here is her Sunshine/Holland-themed birthday recap in pictures....

Birthday girl!

The fabulous sunshine/tulip cake by Sprinklebelle Cakes. I threw the "windmills" in at the last second because I forgot the vases I planned on putting them in at home. haha

Birthday girl and her Birthday party!

Maybe in another life I'll be a cake decorator. Until then, I will simply admire the skill and enjoy the deliciousness!
I adore this picture of Chloe feeding the ducks with her cousins. Sigh...

More cousins!

We didn't pose the kids for this picture. I just grabbed my camera because I found it hilarious that they were in such a perfect little line to get cake! And (almost) from tallest to shortest! So funny! =D

I will never tire of these pictures of Chloe and Izzy just being together. They are such special friends. I love it!

I'm pretty sure Will was meant to come to us. I guess he did come to us, in a round about way. He is SO Oby in every way! Love this kid!
Thanks to my beautiful sunshine girl for being YOU. Thanks to everyone who came to our party. Thanks to everyone for helping us, loving us, enjoying life with us in Holland. What a JOY it all is. My heart is full nearly to overflowing.


Celine said...

Awww ! Happy birthday Chloe !

Grand Pooba said...

I can't believe she is getting so big!! What a sweetheart she is!

(I got some new scrapbooking software and am giving it away on my blog! Come over and enter!)

Jo-Ann said...

Gosh she is so beautiful!

Happy 5th birthday!

Jen said...

What a special birthday! Beautiful pics.