That's a Wrap!

Sending Chloe off to special needs preschool as a little non-ambulatory, non-verbal 3-year-old was one of the scariest things I've ever been asked to do! BUT, 2 school years later, I can say that it was a truly successful and joyous experience for Chloe! Since she is non-verbal, her teachers would send home a little note each day to let me know what she did and how she did. Most of the time, the notes looked something like this...

"I was HAPPY. I worked HARD. I ate PUDDING. I GIGGLED. I played with LONDON."

Adorable, right? It would always bring a smile to this mama's face.

Oh, London... I guess I should explain... that was Chloe's bestie in school. She only moved to the area a couple months before the school year was out, but they were INSTANT buds, just loved being together! And don't they kind of look alike? Chloe still likes when I talk about London...

Best Buds London and Chloe
Hmmm... guess it's no surprise that Chloe was awarded for being a social butterfly :):)

One of MANY special accomplishments to come!!!

Congrats, Miss Chloe, on graduating pre-school!
We are so proud of you and

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