Snippets From Summer

These are out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix it! :P

This is our hot tub that is finally working! YAY! The cousins came over on the 24th and had a great time playing in the sprinklers, in my mom's pool, then getting warm in the hot tub. Good times.

Fred 'n Chlo on the 4th

I'm kind of obsessed with topknots on little miss. They don't stay in, but I even like how it looks when they little pieces fall out. Love my pretty girl!

I've been pretty in love with bike riding this summer. And Instagram. Shocking, right?! ;)

Lagoona Beach for my company's Lagoon Day. Man, was it hot that day, this was one of the only smiles Chloe could muster up in all that heat.

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jennohara said...

These pictures are so great!!! Glad to see you guys are enjoying your summer! :)