January 2013

When Chloe had g-tube surgery last August, I was required to go to a training class on caring for the g-tube at Primary Children's Medical Center. Within 5 minutes in that classroom, I had met and established a lifelong friendship with one of the other g-tube moms. Her name is Pamela and her little "Bindy" is 2 years older than Chloe. I also got to meet him at the hospital and fell instantly in love. He and his 3 siblings (they are quadruplets) were baptized in January and Pamela invited us down to Zion National Park where they lived at the time to attend the baptism. It was such a special experience, I'm so glad we were able to make it. They manage rental homes down there and put us up in a posh place. And Zion is just BEAUTIFUL any time of year!

Clark Quadruplets ready for their baptism


Our rental home at Zion

ZNP tunnel

Oby and Chloe at the gate

Zion is breathtaking!

In other news... January was extra cold this year with bizarre/extreme weather. We had freezing rain, which I had never before experienced, and record breaking low temps. My commutes to and from Salt Lake were awful to say the least! Thankfully Buggy Bag emailed me out of nowhere saying they wanted to donate a wheelchair blanket to Chloe. How amazing is that?! She sure got good use out of it and will for years to come, I'm sure! Thank you, Buggy Bag!

Chloe enjoying a generous gift from Buggy Bag!

Helping Dad shovel snow :)
I was stopped when I took this picture. Ugh January commutes!

I had already been on the road an hour and a half when I snapped this picture indicating my exit was still 79 minutes away. (It usually took me 30 minutes to get home).

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