February 2013

February was busy, but fun....

Chloe and Tracker

We had a fun date for Valentine's.... we did a staycation at Little America. We strolled downtown Salt Lake, got sushi, went to a museum, caught a movie, went hot tubbing, and just enjoyed being together!

My cousin, Amy, threw a CUTE Valentine's Day party!

Chloe had a HORRIBLE stomach virus in February! We took her to the ER because of dehydration twice. Ugh, it was not fun. But she was still her sweet, smily self (most of the time).

Probably the biggest news of February was that (drum-roll please....) I quit my job!!!!! It would take way too long for just a "catch up" post to explain in detail all the reasons and miracles that brought this about, but let's just say I'm grateful Oby supported me in the decision because it was time. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically I was spent and ready to dive in to my true roll as mother. My last day of work was the last day of February. I have to say, though, even though I detested my job at MRIoA, I did love many of my co-workers and miss them to this day. However, even there was a rough transition period back into my roll as stay at home mom, it was worth it and I'm glad every single day.

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