Viet Virginia Vacation

Well, I haven't mentioned it yet, but one of the biggest events of my life and certainly of 2013 was finding out about and then meeting the Viet family, which is my biological father's family. I'd known about them for 3-4 years (ever since a few months before Chloe's genetic appointment). But I'd never reached out to any of them other than a few short emails with an uncle. John, my biological father, committed suicide in 2006. He had two sons, Aaron and Adam. To make a super long story short, a million little things and feelings came up in January of this year, and ultimately I felt compelled to reach out to Aaron and Adam and develop a relationship. I didn't expect more than a Facebook relationship, and actually didn't even expect that if they didn't want it. They had never known about me and once they really knew everything and believed that I was who I was saying I was, they embraced me fully as their sister. I was honored and grateful and have just enjoyed it! After LOTS of messages and phone calls, it felt like it was time we really meet each other. I flew out to Roanoke, Virginia the end of June and stayed with Aaron's cute family. We also went to Dublin where they grew up and where Adam and his wife now live. I really need to do a journal about all the feelings and experiences I've had related to getting to know this part of my life. I had put it off for so long to try not to hurt my mom in any way, but ultimately, it was the right thing. It has been hard for my mom, but she's been as supportive as she is able. Anyway, here are some pictures from my very special trip.

Aaron's son, Aaden, with a build a bear he made for Chloe. Aww!

Aaron, Adam, and I took Aaden to see Monster's University

Aaden is my little buddy! He calls me Miss Tara with the cutest southern accent you EVER will hear and he is my little Ute! Isn't he the cutest, though?!

This is John (my biological father)'s brother's family, sons, wife, and me all together for the first time at a BBQ in Aaron's backyard. Talk about southern hospitality, I think these people invented it! Pretty dang awesome.

This was a fun night in Dublin, Virginia, where Aaron and Adam grew up. It was so beautiful there, I could have sat on the front porch of that restaurant for just about forever.

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