July 2013

4th of July ~ swimming at Nana's

4th of July BBQ at Nana's

Cabin over the 4th of July weekend with Grammy and Papa - oh, and Cruz too!
Swinging on the hammock at the cabin
Front porch relaxing at the cabin!
Seriously, I need to get caught up on a more private journal as well as the blog....I also met my biological mother, her husband, and her daughter, Felicia as well as Felicia's two daughters, Alexi and Malia. They came here from the Denver area for a few days. My emotions about this are much more complicated than the Viet side of things.... but I will say that meeting Felicia and especially seeing the bond Felicia and Chloe instantly had, was pretty darn amazing.

Chloe meeting Malia and Felicia for the first time ~ SO sweet!
Last, but not least, in July we found out during an ultrasound that we are expecting a BOY! I have always felt, intuitively, like we had a boy who needed to come join our family. I'm so grateful between all the craziness that life has brought us, that it has also brought us this gift. Oby is such an amazing dad to Chloe, truly he could not be better! But I know he will have such a special bond with a boy just because he is ALL boy at heart! We are blessed beyond measure and excited! His name will be Sam and we love him already.
Nick and Megan brought blue balloons and treats to celebrate our boy news. So sweet! We are so blessed!
Hiking at Mirror Lake on the 24th of July: Henry, Izzy, PJ, and Will
Provo Falls on the 24th of July with the Bennett herd ;)

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