August 2013

Oby had surgery for kidney stones in August. While he was laid up, I threw my back out getting Chloe out of the tub and couldn't move for 2-3 days. Good times! ;)

This was a visit to the neurology clinic. Chloe was in an extra happy mood, probably because of the bubble feature and getting to kick on the paper bed. Silly girl!

This was an impromptu hike I took with Chloe and Jake. It was SO hot that day and I simply had to escape the heat! Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood canyon was the perfect spot with a nice accessible trail all around the lake. The weather was divine and we had lots of fun!
Oby and Chloe at Bear Lake! We went to Bear Lake the day after Oby had surgery. He was pretty miserable the whole time, but somehow we still had a pretty good trip. I guess with scenery like that and great company to boot, you really can't go wrong!

The Taylor/Bennett clan playing circle volleyball one evening. I was sitting in the background giving Chloe her medicine and was overwhelmed with the view of so many awesome people that I love so much and a place that just takes your breath away! I snapped this picture and will treasure it forever. It was a good moment.

THIS. It was a special moment. Chloe's SWEET cousins had all been jumping like maniacs on the trampoline. Then Nana asked if Chloe could play with them, which meant they'd have to be a lot more mellow. I thought for sure they'd just be grumpy they had to quit doing what they had been doing and probably get off the trampoline. Instead, they all sat on the perimeter of the trampoline and let Chloe lay in the center. They bounced really softly and Chloe was in heaven. After awhile, they started this game where they would simultaneously bounce softly saying, "3-2-1," then everyone would do a bummer and say, "Booyah!" The booyah bummers would bounce Chloe and she would squeal, squeal, squeal! Yes, I am pregnant and yes it made me cry happy tears....but I think I would have even without the hormone additives. What a special group of kids.

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