Mount Rushmore Roadrip

We were able to take a road trip with my parents and brother's family to Mount Rushmore. We covered a LOT of country in just 5 days and saw a lot of really cool things! It was a fun and memorable vacation and a great way to end the summer! These pictures are out of order, but oh well! ;)

Bella, Jake, Wyatt, Aspen, and Chloe with Fred Flintstone at Bedrock City

This is possibly one of my favorite pictures of all time! Oby and I were doing a road trip selfie while we were at Little Bighorn Battlefield. When I looked at the picture after taking it, I saw that my dad had photo bombed us! I cannot explain how funny this is to me. I had no idea Dad even knew what a photo bomb was, let alone how to do one! Even his hands are spot on. It kills me!!!

This is Travis' car ahead of ours driving through the Black Hills with our first view of Mount Rushmore

Oby and Chloe on the train ride at Bedrock City. This was likely Chloe's very favorite part of the entire trip. She squealed the entire time!!!

Katrina and Travis' road trip selfie - cute :)

Chloe and Oby checking out the tortoises at Reptile Gardens. Pretty awesome.

Oby and Chloe at Bear Country, USA. This was my favorite part of the trip - it was fascinating to me and I loved every second of it!

Oby and Chloe checking out the snakes at Reptile Gardens. I couldn't believe how much Chloe loved the snakes, very unexpected.

Jake, Wyatt, Bella, Chloe, and Aspen (with Bugsy!) in the saloon where Wild Bill Hickock was murdered in the historic town, Deadwood. We all loved Deadwood, it was lots of fun and a beautiful night!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. My two sweethearts in front of Mount Rushmore. Perfect.

The whole crew on a corner in Deadwood

Aspen, Jake, Bella, Katrina, Porter, Wyatt, Chloe, and Oby with the tortoises. It was so awesome that they would let us so close to them and even encouraged the kids to rub their necks. Everyone loved it!

On the train in Bedrock City. So fun.

Tuckered out in the hotel

Me and my love at Mount Rushmore

Grammy and Chloe in Deadwood

The kids in front of Reptile Gardens

Chloe with the train conductor at Bedrock City

Chloe swimming with the boys at the hotel

A bear chilling on some logs at Bear Country, USA. Super awesome.

Oby and Wyatt with some, uh, interesting photo props in Deadwood ;)

Even though I look like a COW in this picture, I absolutely LOVE it! My mom, brother, dad, and me (with Sam) at Mount Rushmore.

Chloe at the Mount Rushmore museum in front of this amazing quote - touches my heart.

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