First Grader!

Chloe is in first grade! She is gone all day! I was worried about her being fed with the g-tube at school, but we did a training with the teacher and all of the assistants the week before school started and everyone did great and was comfortable with the process. Chloe is grumpy when she gets home because she wants to still be at school! So I'll put my hurt mom feelings aside and just celebrate that she is enjoying school so much. I'm enjoying myself as well, getting lots of little projects done before the baby gets here. Win-win!

This is Chloe's brand new grasshopper green wheelchair. Isn't it cute?! Sigh. Well, unfortunately, the headrest does NOT work for her. Her little head is so spastic and we thought the i2i headrest was going to be a perfect, but less bulky, replacement for the blue neck brace she had been using. Well, it might be a size thing, but it might also just not be the right fit. Either way, she's back to using her old wheelchair (which she is largely grown out of) along with the blue neck brace that I was so excited to put away and never see again. Meanwhile, this beautiful, shiny, new wheelchair is sitting unused in our house while I try to get the wheelchair vendor to get us equipment that is functional for Chloe. I'm bummed about the whole thing, but know it will work out....not sure when, but it WILL work out!

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