October 2013

Huntsville to listen to conference:

Oby & Henry 
Tami & Will
Miss Chloe
Little diva. Love her!
Most of the crew. We are so blessed!

Chloe's 1st grade school picture: 

Aqua therapy:

Chloe had always loved water and I had never been able to find aqua therapy that would work for her, but I finally did! Covered by insurance and close to our house... So perfect! She just loves it! And we love the therapist, Michelle, too. What a blessing!


Chloe was so sick the last week or two of October. She had croup that didn't respond to the first treatment. Poor thing, she was so miserable. This was the same week Oby had another surgery and I took a terrible fall, cracking my tailbone. It was a rough week to say the least. But it is nice to look back and realize we survived! At the time, it honestly felt like we might not survive! Lol silly I know.
Chloe with a get well gift/coloring page from her friend, Abby. So sweet!
Sick as ever on Halloween night, she didn't end up going trick or treating. I still got her dressed up as a monster, though. Rawr! ;)

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