September 2013

Please note...this is my first time attempting to blog on the ipad so please forgive any formatting errors!

Here are Chloe, my mom, and my grandpa at a Chambers family reunion. It was held in Malad, Idaho where my grandpa lives. It was fun getting together. I love my family! Grandpa has a pretty view off his porch.


In September, I reached a point of frustration with Chloe's beautiful blonde locks! Yes, her hair was so cute and curly right out of the tub. But the back of it would be a matted mess within minutes because she was either laying on it or leaning against it. Then the front was always falling in her face during therapy or just during the day at school. Her therapists and teacher/assistants were always asking me to just pull her hair up so it didn't get in the way. So... gulp... I had Taylor cut it into a pixie cut! I was in mourning for at least a few days, but slowly I've learned to love her with this haircut and almost can't imagine going back to the way it was. She's cute no matter what, though!

A cute pic of Chloe with her friend from church, Ammorie (I might be spelling that wrong). She's my friend, Katie's, little girl and they loved playing dress up while Katie and I got to visit. Fun!

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