December 2013

December was spent mostly just getting used to having a baby and enjoying every single second of it! He was on a strict 'stay at home and don't go around anyone else for any reason' schedule and we didn't mind one bit. Grandparents were the one exception, of course, but they were sanitized like you wouldn't believe and also had to have an immunization, but they all obliged without question in order to get to hold their little Sam.


Chloe was particularly good and happy that month, especially considering that her world had been completely ROCKED going from being an only child to suddenly having a very needy sibling. But she handled it like a champion and I was super proud of her. I gave her plenty of attention and Oby always took her to all the parties so even though Sam couldn't be at things, Chloe didn't miss out. She loved Santa, of course.

Christmas morning was so much fun! Chloe's big presents were a ball pit and a Kid Walk gait trainer. It might be kind of hard to tell (wink), but she absolutely loved them!

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Messy Jess said...

I love your update! Congratulations! I've loved following your blog and so happy for your family! Very sincerely Jess