Winter 2014

Since I am playing catch up, the next few posts are going to be 90% photos only somewhat in order. Then I have the very best intentions of staying caught up and blogging my little heart out! So please bear with me. And enjoy! ;)

Sam was on house arrest from the time of his birth until mid-May. So not a lot was going on except epic cuteness and innumerable snuggles.... It was one of the greatest times of my life!

Visitors were allowed to come see Sam and could even hold him after they were sanitized from the head down! Haha! So some aunts and uncles dropped by a time or two ;)

Aunt Aisha
Aunt Megan & Uncle Nick
Izz & Chloe
Uncle Jamie
Some cute pix of Chloe:
Aqua Therapy

Sick! Boo! But still smiling :)

Rocking the Kid Walk gait trainer!

Isn't she lovely

One morning, Oby was letting me sleep in. When I got up, I found Chloe like this. Oby said her legs were cold. So his solution was to get a pair of socks. A pair of his socks! Nailed it!

Indoor hammock!

Lovely St. Patrick's Lass!

Getting fitted for the KidWalk

Getting some sensory input on a vibrating matt with some sensory toys and a weighted blanket

Chloe was upset a lot around this time. I thought it was sibling jealousy. But looking back, I wonder if this is when her hip came out of socket. Guess we will never know. But it was sad either way.

Little Winter Diva ready for school!

I mean.... Don't you just love her!!!?!?!
Some cute pix of Sam:


Yep. He's the cutest!
Some family pix:

Our routine at the time often included Sam in his swing, Chloe in her ball pit, and Barney on TV.

These three! My heart!

Valentine's Day :)

Their sort of matching bags.

Got my hair colored so took a selfie ;)

Redneck double stroller because mama needed some fresh air one day ;)


I just thought they were so cute both in their bouncers. So similar, yet so different. :)

A beautiful spring walk at Jensen Nature Park

Yep. Lots of snuggles!

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