Spring 2014

Please forgive me. So many pictures. So much catch-up happening.
Photo dump in 3, 2, 1....
I got a City Mini GT double stroller for those times when I needed to haul both kiddos. It definitely is not as comfy for Chloe as her wheelchair, but considering it isn't meant for special needs and not necessarily for older children, it does work pretty well. And they look pretty dang cute in it, which is most important.

Chloe in front of the butterfly statue at Primary Children's Hospital

Chloe in a smiley mood one day after school

Chloe getting ready to go swimming in our hot tub!

Chloe just before her bilateral exotropia surgery.

Getting Taylor/Bennett family pictures taken at City Creek.

Chloe's last day of 1st grade!

Chloe with NO front teeth and her tooth fairy pillow!

Twinning is winning!

Random cuteness with Sam.

On a walk at Layton Park

We remodeled our bathroom and I loved how it turned out!

Just holding hands and stealing my heart!

Enjoying spring weather with cousins

Sam's first time in the swing!

Sam's first outing! At Hogle Zoo with cousins!




Trip to Vegas to celebrate Nick graduate from DO school!

Chloe had a scary seizure the night we got home from Vegas. She turned blue so we called 911. They took her to Primary Children's and it was found she had a UTI. So it was "just" a febrile seizure. Well, it was sure scary!


We had an epic weekend in May! Chloe's 7th birthday, a surprise party for Travis's 40th birthday, Aaron (my biological brother that I just found last year) came to visit from Virginia and meet everyone for the first time, and then Sam got blessed! Oh, and it was Mother's Day too! No, I wasn't exaggerating, it was truly epic and absolutely wonderful!!!

We pulled off a giant surprise party for Travis at the building at Jensen Nature Park.
It was lots of fun!
What can I say, I love Aaron! He is the best! We absolutely loved having him!
He and I just hung out a bit, then he got to meet the kids and Oby.
We drove out to Antelope Island.

This picture is hilarious because Aaron forgot his jacket for the trip.
I suggested he borrowed Oby's jacket.
So he put it on to show me why that wouldn't work.
LOL that dude is huge!

Me and my bro. SO glad I found him and that he is in my life!
It was a crazy day so I never got a picture of just Sam in his blessing outfit.
But this will do. What a sweet boy.

Yes this is a cute pic of Sam with his Aunt Tay.
And a hilarious pic of Nana photo bombing.
Yep, look close. There she is!

Cute cousins at the blessing.

Uncle Jamie sure loves Sam.

At the end of May, Sam and I went to Montana to see Jake receive the priesthood and Aspen baptized. Oby and Chloe stayed home because she had such a hard time traveling a few weeks before that when we went to Vegas. It was hard being away, but a fun trip for just Sam and I and a special weekend with family!

Wyatt and Jake at Aspen's baptism

Dad, Cruz, Mom, & Sam at Hibernation Station

Jake and Aspen

Jake and Sam on the road trip!

It was a lovely spring! Makes my heart happy to look back and enjoy it once more.

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