Summer 2014

I'm seriously dying to get caught up so I can blog like usual. But catch up it is.

After Chloe's terrifying seizure episode in May, we decided to do a 72-hour EEG to see what was going on. We've done them before and it was not a big deal. This time, however, Chloe developed a stomach bug on the first day. So as you can see from the pictures below, with all the electrodes, wires, hair cap, and a sick little girl (who would still sometimes be very happy, which is the cutest thing ever and never ceases to amaze me), it was quite awful. She even ended up in the hospital one night to get IV fluids. She goes through so much, but she is always so sweet.


IV fluids at Primary Children's Hospital for dehydration

Sweet get well gifts from friends
Sam, of course, got the viral bug a few days later.
This was his first time being sick and it was so sad, but so sweet.

Random cuteness from the summer:

Sam's first time at Bear Lake. Loved it!

Cascade Springs. Beautiful AND accessible hike! Awesome!

Oby and I on a lunch date at Scrud's - downtown Ogden. Fun!

Downtown Ogden date continued.
Scrud's burgers rule.
This doll in an antique store was unquestionably one of the most
terrifying things we have ever seen! Yikes! But hilarious!

Learning to clap.

4th of July!
Just hanging out in Park City

This outfit, though!

At Oby's cousin's wedding. So silly, so fun.

Silver Lake. One of our favorites!

Looking amazing in their Sunday best!

Sam's face!!!! :D
Floated the Weber River with Oby's family.
Always the best time!

Went to Wicked with Taylor and her gal pals. Amazing!

Wyatt and I went on a bike ride with Chloe in the Wike at Jensen Nature Park.
So awhile back, we had considered getting Chloe a service dog. We went through a rigorous application process and got approved! But after much consideration, I decided a service dog was just not a good fit for Chloe. They require a great deal of care and ongoing training, much more than a typical dog, and the organization we were going through required an annual trip to California. Ummm....that just wasn't always going to work for us, time wise and financial wise. So I put the idea of a dog on the back burner. Then my dad asked if I thought our family might like a Havanese puppy. His dog, Cruz, is a Havanese and he had looked into studding him out (is that the right phrasing? LOL!) and we could have the pick of the litter. I think Cruz is a cutie and they don't shed and....I said okay let's do it! So a sequence of events occurred and .... we got to pick a puppy! I initially picked a girl, but Oby decided he'd rather have a boy so we picked a little black and white cutie patootie who we named Tuxedo and call Tux. I mean...He is just so cute!

This was Tux's sister on the day they were born! Meep!
I think we planned to call her Hannah, but it wasn't meant to be.

The puppies with their mama on the day they were born.

Tux - about a month old. :)

Tux - the day we took him home!

My two babies in the double stroller
Yes, I got a lot of looks for this!
Tux had a vet appointment and I only have so many hands
so the double stroller worked, okay?! :D

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