Sam's Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Health Scare

I honestly don't have the emotional wherewithal at the moment to "go there" with this experience so all I am going to do is copy and paste some Facebook posts from the time. Sigh. So glad this is just a page in his book and we have turned the page. That is all.
8/27/14: We've been told this week that Sam is showing some signs and symptoms of a possible neuromuscular disease such as SMA or muscular dystrophy. In addition, he has developed a mass at the base of his skull and we have no idea what that is. By no small miracle, I was able to get him in to a specialist THIS Friday to further evaluate his muscle weakness and he's getting imaging on the mass tomorrow. To say that Oby and I are concerned would be an understatement! But our parents petitioned our families today to fast and pray for Sam and for us. As I sit here and compare the way I felt this morning (worry to the point of nausea) with the way I feel right now (absolute peace), I am stunned at the difference!!! I'm sharing this because I just want everyone to know what a difference we can make in the lives of the people we know. We are promised that our burdens will be made light and today I've realized that probably the main way He is able to do that is through the love, compassion, and faith of those in our circle. Thank you to my circle.
8/29/14: Sam got an ultrasound on the neck mass yesterday and we should hear about that hopefully Tuesday. His specialty appointment went well. They understood why we were concerned, but felt that if he does have a neuromuscular disease or movement disorder, it would likely be a mild case. We are going to do a brain MRI first to see if his traumatic birth caused some damage and we are going to start early intervention physical therapy. If the MRI is normal and he's still delayed at 12 months, we will do an EMG (muscle nerve test). They kept telling me not to google any of the diagnoses I hear unless it is definite (yeah right)! Overall, they agreed with his shirt: big time cutie!

9/18/14: Okay I just had a 4th friend TODAY asking about Sam so I will give the people what they want. So the reasons the doctors were so concerned were because he did the "gowers' sign" (go ahead, google it, and feel free to freak out like we did) and was not meeting any of his 9-month milestones. Last we saw the specialist, the plan was "wait and see," which NO ONE wants to hear from a doctor or do! We w...ere also going to do a brain MRI. A week later, I felt compelled for him to have an upper cervical adjustment by my friend Eric L. McEntire. This idea did not come from myself! With all respect to Dr. Eric and anyone who has ever found relief from chiropractic care (Chloe included), I always thought people who had their babies adjusted were just plain cah-razy!!! But as a mom I have learned to go with my intuition and it has seldom led me astray. So... I did it. The VERY NEXT DAY, Sam was sitting independently and has not done the gowers' sign since. The day after that, he was crawling. A few days after that, he started pulling himself up to stand. So I just spoke with the specialist because she got the news that I cancelled the planned brain MRI. I told her about his progress and she said she agreed...we have a healthy 9-month-old on our hands who gave us a TERRIBLE scare. Now he's still scaring us, but it's because of everything he gets into and how fast he can get into trouble! Thank you, everyone, for your love, concern, and prayers! I'm hoping to stay off the health scare radar, especially when it comes to my kids, for the rest of forever, thankyouverymuch!

So that happened. The end. Thank goodness.

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