Always Take the Scenic Route

This is one of my life's moto's. It almost defines my life's journey. The scenic route means more together time, more memory making, more playlist enjoyment... So when Oby suggested taking the long way home from Hebgen Lake, I jumped at the chance! That meant 3-4 more hours of driving that day, but it also meant driving through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.... totally worth it! 

Geyser Gals

Enjoying the view!

~ Us ~


Nana said...

Loved catching up. Looking at all of your great pictures!!!

Jen said...

beautiful! Hope your family is doing well. Chloe is getting so big.

Net Life Sciences said...

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Sass said...

Hi there. I just came across your blog by hitting next on my own blog, and I have to say that I am so glad I did. Loving your musical choices, the layout, and above all the amazing content. Your daughter is gorgeous and it looks to me like she's on no short supply of smiles - a true testament to the way you obviously help her to live her life regardless of anything in her way.

My family got into a very bad car accident last spring and as a result my youngest daughter ended up fracturing a vertebrae in her lower back as well as having to undergo several surgeries, one of which left her with an ileostomy bag attached to her belly. The bag was a temporary solution to allow her insides to heal from the accident; she just underwent a reversal surgery last month. One of the things that struck me about my daughter as she went through the entire ordeal was the way she refused to let it slow her down in terms of enjoying life. She continued to hang with friends, splash in the water sprinkler, and spend time doing things she loves like creating art.

Recently she was asked to do a presentation explaining her story to an ostomy support group. To do this she created a Powerpoint with my help, and on the last slide she placed a picture with a quote she considers her new motto: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." Clearly you are living this quote, and with the shine in your daughter's eyes she's been dancing hard.

Thank you so much for sharing your blog publicly - it is more inspiring than you probably know. <3